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If you have recently used any of our services, from our refrigerated trucks to our repair shop, we would love to hear from you! Our valued customers can provide insight into our strengths and weaknesses that our crew simply cannot. We know that you are busy running your own business. However, if you could spare a few moments to aid us in better serving you, then we would be eternally grateful.

Most companies that provide freight transportation services could cater only to one or two types of clients, as they could handle only one or two types of cargoes. For example, companies that primarily provide dry vans for most goods would have only few, if any, climate-controlled freight required in transporting perishable goods.

It is of course understandable that most companies do not cover all types of freight transportation services. It is obviously too expensive to acquire and maintain many different vehicles that correspond with all types of freight transportation services required by certain businesses.

In any business, a transaction is only completed with the delivery of the product right onto the customer’s hands. To accomplish this, suppliers all over the world highly rely on air, sea and land transport to reach their clienteles.

In Canada, one of the most popular transport options is trucking services, and Birkett Freight Solutions is one of the premier brands that companies count on. This Winnipeg Company is an expert on transporting goods and commodities from one location to another, no matter the type and the conditions required. One of its expertise lies on providing the best local Winnipeg pick-up and delivery services, a fact that’s especially useful for businesses that interact within the robust Winnipegan market.

For many people, the idea of transporting something over great distances is scary. What if their goods are temperature-sensitive? What if their goods get ruined? Then, they learn about climate controlled freight, one of the best solutions for ensuring that temperature-sensitive items are stored and transported with the appropriate amount of heat or cold. This changes everything.

Why? Because climate controlled freight is often very sensitive material – material that sells for high prices – and making sure that it ends up at its correct destination can mean a lot to people. Consider a farmer who ships perishable goods that need to be stored at certain temperatures in order to stay fresh; they have a lot riding on climate controlled freight, and if the company they work with is competent, they have no need to worry about their goods.

When most people think about a concept like transportation services, they imagine the simple things. They want packages delivered on time, reliable service, and that’s about it. But what happens when a company has already mastered on-time delivery and reliability?

That’s when transport services need to go to the next level. Integrating other solutions into transport services can revolutionize the way you think about logistics. Consider the solutions offered at Birkett Freight Solutions: